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With paint lines around the world, the Hunter Douglas Group is one of the world’s most experienced exponents of pre-painting metal.

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Since its commencement in 1946, the Hunter Douglas Group has made significant contributions to the development of continuous coating. In doing so, Hunter Douglas has created the exclusive HD COLOR-COTE® Coating Process that is internationally recognised as one of the most durable paint finishes available. The uniformity of the surface coating and richness of colour considerably enhance the appearance of the finished products. The HD COLOR-COTE® Coating Process consists of top coats over corrosion resistant primers. The result is one of the finest and most durable modern coatings available. Outstanding corrosion resistance combined with excellent colour and gloss retention, result in a product which has a life expectancy expressed in decades.

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Hunter Douglas has been pre-painting aluminium and steel in Australia for more than 60 years. Today at its Rydalmere plant, in Sydney's west, Hunter Douglas operates one of the most technologically and environmentally advanced paint lines in the industry.

All paint batches are tested, and then quality control checks carried out during the paint process and after the finished sheet has been recoiled. This ensures every painted coil which leaves the Hunter Douglas factory complies with relevant Australian Standards AS 2728-2007.

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On-line inspections are continuously carried out covering raw coil, pre-treatment baths, paint viscosity, oven temperatures and peak metal temperatures. Tests to ensure correct paint film hardness, adhesion, colour uniformity, flexibility, thickness and gloss solvent resistance are also undertaken. In addition, random samples undergo accelerated testing which includes weatherometer, salt spray, humidity and natural weathering.

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Hunter Douglas offers an extensive colour range, as well as accurate colour matching. Additional advantages are short lead times from the placement of orders, to the delivery of finished goods with the ability to handle small batch sizes.

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Our History

We have a long and inspiring history – regularly introducing exciting new developments and ground-breaking innovations – See where it all began.

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Our People

Business is people. At Hunter Douglas, we pride ourselves on our worldwide network of experienced, intelligent, passionate and creative people.

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