Our History.

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Henry Sonnenberg founds his machine tool distribution,
later manufacturing, company in Düsseldorff, Germany.

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Corp - History 1919
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Henry uses 150 railroad cars to move his entire
operation to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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Corp - History 1933
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    Joe Hunter joins forces with Henry and develops new technology and equipment for the continuous casting and fabrication of lightweight aluminium…leading to the production of Venetian Blinds.

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    Corp - History 1946
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    Hunter Douglas Blinds build a 1000+ network of independent fabricators in the USA who sell the aluminium blinds by day and custom-assemble them by night.

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    Corp - History 1947
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Following the success in the US and Canada, Hunter Douglas expanded to Australia, establishing a base in the the Sydney suburb of Rydalmere, where it still stands today.

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Corp - History 1953
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1960 - 1970

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Hunter Douglas in Australia quickly achieved a predominant position in the Venetian Blind industry, rapidly expanding its range to include Wall Cladding, Insect Screen Doors, Slimfold Screen, Aluminium Awnings, Sundrape Woven Aluminium Drapery and Drapery Track, under several well-known brands such as Mello-Lite and Permalum.

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Corp - History 19601970
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Henry Sonnenberg passed his title of President of the Hunter Douglas Group to his son Ralph Sonnenberg, after 26 years in the position.

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Corp - History 1975
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    Hunter Douglas expands into Asia.

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    Corp - History 1980
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    Duette® Honeycomb Shades are launched – the only blinds to feature our unique honeycomb construction which keeps the heat out in summer and keeps homes warmer in winter.

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    Corp - History 1985
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    Hunter Douglas purchased Sunweave Textiles, a NSW business. Sunweave became Hunter Douglas Textiles and was moved to the Rydalmere site. It produced Holland Fabric, Vertical Fabrics and External Awning Fabrics.

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    Corp - History 1986
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    The launch of our Wide Panel Ceiling System allows architects to design closed ceilings with a smooth monolithic appearance.

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    Corp - History 1989
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    Award-winning Silhouette® Shades are introduced.

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    Corp - History 1991
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    Launch of versatile Open Cell Ceilings – using up to 90% recycled aluminium.

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    Corp - History 1992
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    The System 2000 Awning won the prestigious Australian Design Award for its superior materials and function. The system is still ranged today.

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    Corp - History 1993
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    Luminette® Privacy Sheers and PoweRise® battery-powered remote control system launched.

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    Corp - History 1996
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    WHISPER® Cellular Shades Collection was introduced as an affordable quality option to other cellular programs on the market.

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    Corp - History 1999
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    ECOVIEW® Plus and EXTRAVIEW® Plus Sunscreen Fabric are launched.

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    Corp - History 2000
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    Techstyle® Acoustical Ceiling Panels launch. Lightweight, large-format panels with excellent acoustic performance and a range of aesthetic options.

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    Corp - History 2003
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    The iconic PLAZA® Plus Fabric range is introduced. Marko and David Sonnenberg become Co-Presidents of the Hunter Douglas Group. Ralph Sonnenberg moves into the position of Chairman and CEO.

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    Corp - History 2004
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    Pirouette® Shadings and Platinum™ Technology Motorisation launched.

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    Corp - History 2007-2
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    2007 - 2009

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    A new foaming machine was purchased from Germany, which launched the Foam Back Program. It produces the renowned fabrics Elements, Baltic, Carnaby and Seychelles.

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    Corp - History 2007-1
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    A new direction for Hunter Douglas Components is launched to focus on offering the best quality and service for fabricators. The objectives of the new Hunter Douglas Components Division begins through innovative product, creative and technical marketing and implementation support and training.

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    Corp - History 2011
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    The Quantum Roller Blind Hardware System and the Alpha Awning Series are unveiled.

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    Corp - History 2012
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    Launched the only glass fibre fabric available on the green market, Screen Nature 3% is 100% PVC, polyester and halogen-free and filters light rays by up to 96%.

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    Corp - History 2013-2
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    PowerView™ motorisation is launched in the Luxaflex Window Fashions range. This advanced home automation system allows you to set scenes to operate your window coverings via a smartphone, tablet or the exclusive Pebble remote control.

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    Corp - History 2015-3